I’ll be posting here periodically some of my art works, and things inspires me. The first thing I want to post is an image I did when the Animation Mentor office told me that I was in the program. That was a really nice moment for my family and for me.   Eager Beavers Just for an...

Animation Mentor

Some examples, flipbooks and assignments I'm doing during the course.   Animation Mentor Poses From last sketches, I upload some AM poses I did with the real life reference. The 7 first images are from my assignments. And the last 3 some of many I did trying to find the correct pose...

Flipbook Animations

Some of my flipbook animations for AM Here I leave a Vimeo link, the album to see flipbook Animations


Here I leave links of my rigging work, from the movie "El último Mago o Bilembambudin". Here I did with a team the entire rig, facial and body. Rigging reel 2012