First and foremost, I am an enthusiastic person who loves to learn.


My passion for animation and independent nature has led to the fact that most of my knowledge of animation technique and software has developed from independent study and curisosity.

I learned Autodesk Maya software by my own (before I was a 3dmax full user), and I regularly read animation books in my spare time because is my dream to become a great animator.
My main life goal as well as my academic focus is dedicated full-time to animation. Beginning at the age of seven when I saw Toy Story, animation has been my passion and a source of inspiration, joy, and fulfillment.


I took the long road to reach my dream. I live in a country without specialized schools on animation, and I tried to find something similar or approaches to that dream. When I finished highschool, I started studying Multimedia Design, because there was some subject directly related with animation. I loved that career because I learned a lot about marketing, design, art history, semiology, and this opened my mind in many ways. But, I still wanted to reach my dream. And I was really far from that.


The next year I took an advanced animation course of characters. It was like a post-grade title, and I learned the animation basics and some introduction to rigging and dynamics for animation. We also learned how to apply principles to quadrupeds and biped characters, and some inanimated objects. All under 3d Max platform. But, I was really interesting on Maya software, because at that time I knew almost all companies around the world use that software to daily work. For that reason, in my spare time, I was always searching about this tool. That year was really good, because I found my first job on the industry, our small industry, to work for a little movie.


I was animating for about a year on that film, and I learned a lot about pipeline, how to work cooperatively with workmates, and a lot about rigging too. We had to make our rigs for the characters, and fully migrate from 3d Max platform to Maya.


When we finish that project, the production team choose me like Technical Director for the next movie. I was really excited about the oportunity and I accepted the challenge. I worked in that place for about a year, in charge of character creation, supervising modeling, texturing and rigging. Was a really nice experience, leading a group of 12 colleagues and was an amazing time to learn about a good animation pipeline.


When I finished there, I started working on a new project like character rigger for a MOCAP film, in charge of the main characters. Now-a-day I’m working on it, and it is an awesome experience too, because we had to learn about MOCAP pipeline too, and how to deal with rigs for this kind of movie.


At the same time, I’m studying Animation Mentor. When I started my studies, I couldn’t believe finally I was there. I was reaching a dream and now I’m trying to do my best, because I feel I’m close to reach my dream, I just want to become a great animator, and always wanted to study here, and now is my chance, for that reason I’m giving my best.


Now, that I finished AM, I am working in a feature film in Jakarta for Russia, and I spend the last year working in commercials during my studies. 


In my daily life, I love sports. I played basketball for 16 years , ending my career in the Capital Federal league which is the most competitive in Argentina. Now, I love to run and bike ride, and have begun participating in marathons or duatlons. My other interests include reading, watching animated films, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the outdoors.