Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor
Some examples, flipbooks and assignments I'm doing during the course.


Animation Mentor Poses

From last sketches, I upload some AM poses I did with the real life reference.

The 7 first images are from my assignments. And the last 3 some of many I did trying to find the correct pose for each


01 - Real Life


02 - Excitement


03 - Devastated


04 - Concerned


05 - Physical Strenght


06 - Exhausted


07 - Balance


08 - Extra_Devastated


09 - Extra_Real Life


10 - Extra_Excitement



Animation Mentor Sketches


Here I'm posting some of my sketches for AM first class. I know I'm not a good drawer, but I'm trying to improve my work. I was very focused on line of action and then I push it on my cg final pose.


Those are the sketchbooks for poses on first term



The next one are my plannings for the animations I did on AM for second term. I tried really hard to have solid blockings to have a more clear animation and see all I need to see it working.


Planning for first assignment, backFlip animation



Planning for second assignment, Parkour Animation


Planning for third assignment, Paso Doble Animation